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Our Upcoming Events:

Our Past Events:

Hero In The Fight has hosted, participated in, and contributed to over 20 events. Please contact Hero In The Fight on the "Join the Fight!" Page under the "Get Involved" Tab for more information on how we can partner with you at your next event. Here are some examples of our past events:

Christmas Day at Bethesda Mission:
On Christmas Day 2018, Hero In The Fight handed out sweaters, hats, scarves, pillows and gloves to Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, PA. We took time to listen, give hope, and shared what we appreciate most.


Thanksgiving Eve Dance:
Hero In The Fight partnered with the RASE Project to give the community a fun alternative activity on Thanksgiving Eve 2018. The Thanksgiving Eve Dance included a dance battle competition and raised almost $1,000 for recovery housing scholarships.

National Recovery Month:
At the end of National Recovery Month in 2018, Hero In The Fight hosted a cookout and corn hole tournament as an appreciation for First Responders in our community. This unique event gave back to EMS Teams and those living in recovery housing.

Alcohol Free Hygiene Backpacks:
Hero In The Fight partnered with Shippensburg University students to create alcohol-free hygiene backpacks for individuals entering treatment facilities, as well as those leaving jail or entering recovery housing. Now having partnered with the Natalie Cribari Drug Awareness Fund, we have helped empower over 100 individuals. 

Val’s Café in Lemoyne:
Hero In The Fight’s first event was at Val’s Café in Lemoyne, PA. The event held a Halloween costume contest, a beat boxer, and caricature drawings.

There is motivation behind every event we do. Together, we

can help empower and be a source of strength for others.

recovery is possible!