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Dan Albert is the founder and C.E.O. of Hero In The Fight, a recovery community organization. Dan is an advisor to the Penn State Harrisburg Douglas W. Pollock Center for Addition Outreach and Research, an advisor to the Life Unites Us campaign, a director on The Sherman Foundation, and the Assistant General Manager of the Cork & Fork Franchise. 


As a person in long term recovery, Dan understands the importance of upholding the rights of individuals in recovery. Despite the stigma often associated with recovery and addiction, Dan recognizes and illuminates the positive aspects of conducting a life based in recovery from substance-use disorder.


His personal mission is to inspire and improve the lives of others. He aims to help others whether they have a substance use disorder, are in recovery, have lost a loved one, or are family members impacted by the disease of addiction.


Hero In The Fight continues to change the culture on how addiction is viewed in our communities, proving that you can live and enjoy life without the use of substances, families can heal, and recovery is possible.

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To learn more about Dan's story of addiction

and recovery and how Hero In The Fight started,

watch below.

Read about how Dan has been a positive influence, a

motivator, and an inspiration in the lives of others...

"Danny has a way of believing in people before they're able to believe in themselves while also, gracefully, weeding through the crap they may try to feed him. He inspires people not only with his story but by the work he puts in every single day to his cause and what hes passionate about. He is a true Hero in the fight against this opioid epidemic and the best part is that he truly just feels like hes doing what hes supposed to do. It's pretty amazing to watch him in action."

- Brittnee Moore

"Dan and I met three months after my daughter Elizabeth passed of a Heroin/ Fentanyl overdose. As someone in long-term recovery, Dan asked how the both of us could work together to help those battling addiction in our community. We hit the ground running on brainstorming ideas, looking at opportunities to raise money to provide financial resources for those needing help, and we attended and continue to be very involved in  community outreach events in our area. We now have a very conducive and comprehensive commitment between the volunteers from Hero In the Fight and the Elizabeth Loranzo iCare Foundation to provide awareness, education, support and compassion to everyone who reaches out to us.

I could not do all the great work we do without Dan’s daily support. We have become the very best of friends."

​- Wendy Loranzo

"Escaping an addiction can easily be one of the hardest things for anyone to go through. Not only did Dan conquer that impossible task, but now he's committed his life to help others do the same. If only more people had half of his courage. He truly is a hero in the fight against addiction."

- Alex Agosti

"Pennsylvanian Dan Albert is proof that treatment works and recovery is possible for those battling addiction. Dan is in long-term recovery and manages a Harrisburg restaurant. "I didn't believe I could stop using when I went into that treatment facility," Dan says. "I'm proud to say that I haven't used since then." Dan says he has a lot of wonderful things in his life that are "a total gift of recovery." Congratulations, Dan, and thank you for sharing your story with Pennsylvanians! Get connected with drug and alcohol treatment services by calling 1-800-662-4357."

- The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

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