Hero In The Fight would like to recognize an Unsung Hero of the Month nominated by people in the community. Each person chosen will receive a swag bag, two tickets to the Harrisburg Senators Recovery Day Baseball Game on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, and a spot at our table at the Rase Project Comedy Show on Saturday, September 7th, 2019.


If you know someone that is making an impact in their community and deserves recognition, please email dan@herointhefight.org with their name and the reason why they deserve this award.


Together, let's shed light on those making a positive

difference in the world around them!

Unsung Hero 1.jpg

Travis Snyder

April 2019

Making a positive impact in the the lives of others and creating unity in the community are key elements towards changing the world around us. Travis Snyder is our "unsung hero" for the month of April. It's not unusual to find Travis repairing and revamping a playground or little league baseball field, speaking to students at local school districts, and "hustlin hope". With his organization The Skook Recovers, and the support of members in his community, they are showing our youth in Schuylkill county that the cycle of addiction can be broken. Travis continues to prove that everyday is a beautiful day for recovery.

"Your kindness keeps us moving and helps us show our community that recovery is possible." - Travis Snyder

March 2019

Brittnee Moore.jpg

Brittnee Moore

How you make others feel says a lot about you and she has a lot to say. This month's "Unsung Hero" is the one and only Brittnee Moore. Brittnee has donated her time to the Bethesda Mission to help those living at the shelter, spoke at Penn State to teach students about her personal experience of how substance use disorders can impact family members, and is always asking, "What can I do to help someone else?" Brittnee's experience from her brother's addiction lead her to create Diary of an Addicts Sister, a platform where she inspires others with her unfiltered and honest perspectives. Brittnee continues to prove that you do not need to have an addiction yourself to be a hero in this fight.

"If one person feels like me, then at least they don't have to feel so alone." - Brittnee Moore

recovery is possible!