Teen Drug Abuse Statistics & Facts

Learn about Teen Drug Use,

Underlying Causes,

The Effects of Drug Use,

and Signs of Drug Use

Preventing Teen Drug Use: How to Spot the Early Warning Signs

Physical and Behavioral

Signs, What to Look for, What

to Do, and How to Prepare

for the Conversation

When You Discover Your Teen or Young Adult is Using Drugs:

Start Talking

How to Set the Stage,

Establish a Good Connection,

Break through Barriers, and

Keep the Conversation Going

The Opioid Epidemic - How to Keep Your Child from Becoming

a Statistic

Read about the Precautions You Can Take To Prevent Your Teen from Taking Opioids

Teen Drug Abuse:

Help Your

Teen Avoid Drugs

Teen Drug Abuse Can Have a Major Impact on Your Child's

Life: Find Out How to Help Your Teen Make Healthy Choices

and Avoid Using Drugs

Opioids, Prevention,

and Kids

Learn Ways to Prevent Prescription Pill Misuse

in Your Kids

recovery is possible!

Dauphin County Drug & Alcohol Services: CALL  1 (717) 635-2254
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