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What to Do If Your Adult Friend or Loved One Has a Problem

with Drugs

Read about Resources and Information to Help Someone You Care about Who Might Have a Drug Abuse Problem

Real Teens Ask:

How Can I

Help My Friend?

Read about Things You Can Say and Do When Helping Your Teen Friend Who May Be Using Drugs

Motivational Interviewing

Learn How to Talk with Someone Who Is Struggling with an Opioid Addiction

How Compassion Can Help You Support an Addicted Loved One

Transform Your Relationship with an Addicted Partner, Friend, or Family Member

Helping a Friend
with Addiction

Learn How to Identify Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Addiction and How to Approach this Critical Conversation

How to Support Someone in Recovery from Addiction

Eight Productive Steps to Guide You in Supporting a Loved One  Recovering from Addiction

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