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March 2019

Brittnee Moore.jpg

Brittnee Moore

How you make others feel says a lot about you and she has a lot to say. This month's "Unsung Hero" is the one and only Brittnee Moore. Brittnee has donated her time to the Bethesda Mission to help those living at the shelter, spoke at Penn State to teach students about her personal experience of how substance use disorders can impact family members, and is always asking, "What can I do to help someone else?" Brittnee's experience from her brother's addiction lead her to create Diary of an Addicts Sister, a platform where she inspires others with her unfiltered and honest perspectives. Brittnee continues to prove that you do not need to have an addiction yourself to be a hero in this fight.

"If one person feels like me, then at least they don't have to feel so alone." - Brittnee Moore

Travis Snyder

April 2019

May Unsung Hero.jpg

Making a positive impact in the the lives of others and creating unity in the community are key elements towards changing the world around us. Travis Snyder is our "unsung hero" for the month of April. It's not unusual to find Travis repairing and revamping a playground or little league baseball field, speaking to students at local school districts, and "hustlin hope". With his organization The Skook Recovers, and the support of members in his community, they are showing our youth in Schuylkill county that the cycle of addiction can be broken. Travis continues to prove that everyday is a beautiful day for recovery.

"Your kindness keeps us moving and helps us show our community that recovery is possible." - Travis Snyder

May 2019

May 2019.jpg

Robert McKendrick

We can only keep what we have by giving it away. Robert Mckendrick is our "unsung hero" for the month of May. Many people have credited bob with breakthroughs in their path to recovery. Everyday he shares a message of hope and wisdom the kind that can only come from chasing recovery like has for the last 44 years. Inspiring others and being in service are a few of the many ways that he impacts the lives of everyone around him.

"I would wake up in the morning and see how beautiful my wife was and sing the I am a lucky dog song" -  Robert McKendrick

Bob we are all lucky dogs to have you in our lives, thank you for being a hero to many!


June 2019

June 2019 - Amy Green.jpg

Amy Green

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Our unsung hero for the month of june is the one and only Amy Green. Amy has been a source of strength and hope as well as a shining light that helps others to see. She has held food drives to support local food banks, collected sneakers for children and youth, and has collected hats/gloves/scarves to keep everyone in her community warm. Amy is proof that with hope, love, and a little inspiration anything is possible!
"Scarlett, being your mom saved my life and if that isn't amazing I'm not sure what is" - Amy Green — with Amy Green.


July 2019

July 2019.jpg

Mark Hogarth

Recovery has alot to offer and this man embodies that statement. This months "Unsung Hero" is Mark Hogarth. Mark has taken the time to speak to students at the middle school, high school, and university level. He addresses topics such as peer pressure, bullying, and self love; through his lived experience in an effort to empower those going through similar situations. Mark has recently celebrated 5 years clean, married the love of his life Emily, and is expecting his first child with a son on the way. Mark is proof that, with one day at a time, everything in our lives can become total gifts of recovery.

"It truly is a beautiful thing to be a part of something instead of a part from. We can always conquer more together than we can alone." - Mark Hogarth — with Mark Hogarth.


August 2019

August 2019.jpg

Doug Rowell

There are many ways to be a hero and Doug Jr. Rowell is ours for the month of August. Doug has lead Turkey drives around Thanksgiving for families in need, taken time on Christmas day year after year to give back to those living at the bethesda mission, and continues to empower individuals living in recovery through housing scholarships and now bus passes for anyone without transportation. He continues to express why he is Blessed&Appreciative for the life that he has today!

"We are in the positions we are because God placed us here to be impactful; I'll spend the rest of my xmas mornings this way...Yee!! -Doug Rowell


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