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February 2020


Jason Bair

Mental Health Matters and Jason Bair has set out to prove just that. Jason is a coach on the court and in the classroom for John Harris, Harrisburg High School. “Classroom” sessions from coach Bair include overcoming adversity, relationships, emotions, and making good choices. He speaks to our younger generation not from a place of perfection but from lived experience. Reminding them that there is a Jay-Z reference for almost every situation in life ; “Coach did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that.” Jason continues to use his voice and creativity to make a difference in his community and an impact in the world around him making him our unsung hero for the month of February.

“When you’re doing it from the heart sometimes it’s easy to forget how much work you put in”
-J Bair


March 2020


Jodi Ann

Your greatness is not found in what you have, but in what you give. Our unsung hero for the month of March is Jodi Ann. Her super power ... she finds people at their worst and brings out their best by showing them a new way to live. Jodi is a woman in long term recovery, sponsors women, is in service at all levels of her fellowship, and is the Executive Director of the The GateHouse. Over the last month The Gatehouse has taken all precautions for their clients and staff as health and safety remain their top priority during this pandemic. Out patient clients are being seen virtually, phone assessments are conducted for individuals in need of treatment, takeout food is being ordered for clients and staff, and they have two empty residences that can be used to quarenteen clients if needed.
Jodi’s recovery process has afforded her many gifts and no blessing greater than custody of her daughter. At a time of uncertainty there is one thing for certain, Jodi is a true example of how recovery not only transforms your life but when you give back what you have received you can change the world around you!

"When you think your life is moving in one direction but God has other plans and changes everything." -Jodi


April 2020


Susan and Raymond Ancypowic

You don’t have to be blood related to be family. Our unsung hero for the month of April is both Susan and Raymond Ancypowic. Mom and pops have opened up their hearts, and their kitchen, to all of us “kids”. Ray is a front line hero protecting the midstate during this pandemic. From drive through covid-19 testing, to helping facilitate narcan distribution, to drug take backs and second chance record expungement; Pops always makes sure you are in the know. Susan, or mom as we all call her, opens up her home for “family dinners” (which are 5 course meals), her back yard to allow annual slip and slides, and reminds us every year to get a flu shot. Wether it’s a recovery date celebration, a baby shower to welcome a “latest edition”, clothing drive, or an event to support the recovery community you will see the two of them there. They speak without judgement and are always quick to lend a hand or an ear. They are what a healthy loving relationship and family is for many of us that don’t have that in our lives. They remind us that no matter what day it is, everyday is a new day.


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